Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

It always seems that the town we live in is the last place we think to explore when it comes to visiting interesting places. For us it's Scottsdale, AZ and we LOVE it!! Most people would be very pleasantly surprised to find that there are great shops, galleries, restaurants and architecture within a short walk or drive from their own front door. Many of these "hidden treasures" are locally owned and when you shop locally owned businesses, your money is re-circulated over and over and creates up to 75% more tax revenue to your community and state! So grab your camera and go out and be a tourist in your own town! Visit your local Convention and Visitors Bureau get maps and information on local history, arts, tours, restaurants and shops. Enjoy your own home town! And right now is a great time to book a night at a local resort because the rates are super! The Hotel Valley Ho is one of our favorites. To enhance your experience there you can book a historic architecture tour of this fabulous mid-century property. Ace Bailey, President

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