Sante Fe part II

santa fe
santa fe

Wednesday in Santa Fe started off sunny and cool, by the standards of a desert dweller, but a beautiful day! By now we have internet access at the house so decide to have coffee there and start our explorations at lunch time. I still need a map! Leslie takes me on a driving tour around the newly renovated train station where we stopped for lunch at the Railyard restaurant. It turned into another cool, rainy afternoon. From what I'm told this time of year the weather can be in the mid 90s so I guess we're pretty lucky. By early evening the rain had cleared and we headed to Amavi a beautiful restaurant tucked away on a little side street. Just so happens that Leslie's son works there! We had a wonderful Yukon gold and leek soup and shared the shrimp appetizer. That, with the basket of assorted fresh breads was a perfect dinner and on Wednesdays bottles of wine are half price! After dinner there was time for a brisk walk around the plaza where Leslie pointed out more great restaurants, shops and historic buildings:

Origins --- original clothing on San Francisco Street,

The Sleeping Dog Tavern -- another Gerald Peter's spot,

American Country Collection --- great looking outdoor furniture, but always new stuff

Collected Works Bookstore -- expanding and moving into the old location of Foreign Traders

The Plaza Cafe -  great old fashioned diner on the plaza

We made our way over to La Fonda for music and dancing. On Wednesday and Thursday nights the Bill Hearne band plays and it is theplace for 2-steppin'. I'm not much of a dancer but my friend is and she was pointing out the finer points of 2-steppin and the ones that were particularly good, which it turns out was most of them as long as I was not on the floor! Just to give you an idea of how kind and tolerant Santa Feans are I was actually asked to dance a few times!