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Navajo WeavingThe Art of Native American Weaving

The fine art of Navajo weaving today has become just that — a fine art. More and more Navajo women and recently several men are establishing well-deserved reputations for their proficiency at the loom. These weavers continuously strive to perfect their skills while experimenting with new ideas and designs.

We offer two tours for Native American weaving.

Navajo and Pueblo Weaving Art Gallery Tour

Visit a gallery specializing in Navajo and Pueblo weavings from the 19th and 20th centuries. Meet the owner and learn about the history and development of Navajo weaving, the styles, and the classic, transitional and trading post periods.

Navajo Weaving Talk and Demonstration and the say something like “ to be…,she has curated…”

Navjo Weaver Talk and Demonstration

Visit with a prominent Native American artist in her home/studio or a site of your choosing. Considered to be one of this country’s foremost Navajo weavers, who has curated shows for the Smithsonian as well as other renowned museums across the United Stated.

She will demonstrate carding and spinning of the wool as well as her technique of Native American weaving, which has been passed down to her through countless generations of women.

She will share her personal insights, perspective and the fascinating knowledge of Navajo tradition and history. She will also have some wonderful rugs to purchase or examine first-hand. She will tell fascinating stories of Navajo life and discuss what it is like to be a woman walking between two worlds. Completed Navajo rugs will be on display and the artist will talk about the meaning of each pattern.

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