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The Art of Native American Pottery Making

Navajo oral history of native pottery says that the Hero Twins, the children of First Man and First Woman, fashioned the first plate, bowl and dipper from mud, which was actually clay, taken from the irrigation ditches they were protecting.

Meet a Navajo potter who still travels 6 hours to northern Arizona to gather clay from his reservation. He then soaks, screens and cleans it before adding volcanic ash to it to prevent cracks during firing.

This buttery, soft clay is then stored in an airtight container until the artist is ready to create one of his award winning pieces that are in collections and museums worldwide, including the Smithsonian.

This is your opportunity to experience the feel of clay and create your own piece of handmade pottery. Learn the traditional method of hand coiling and pinching clay and the various techniques used to produce this beautiful art form.

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