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Native American Petroglyphs Tour

The Ancient Art of Communication:

Petroglyphs Yesterday and Today

PetroglyphsHidden in the Sonoran Desert in the foothills of metropolitan Phoenix are hundreds of petroglyphs created by the Hohokam who inhabited the Salt River Valley thousands of years ago. The signs and figures that cover rock faces in the canyons of this mountain range attest to the reality of a former, vibrant society.

Walking along a sandy wash, paloverde, mesquite and cholla seemed to reach for you. Granite rock walls flank the wash, creating a tunnel. Petroglyphs and bedrock mortar indicate a site that was an important camp for the Hohokam, who used the mortar holes to ground mesquite pods. Here, the grass stands tall and tough, surrounded by mesquite trees and three natural springs filled with sand and grass. Desert critters still frequent the springs for water.

Your expert guide, a member of the Choctaw Nation and a resident of Arizona for the last thirty years, has a degree in Plant Sciences from Northern Arizona University and will speak of the ecology of the Sonoran desert, native plant uses and conservation issues along this gentle hike. He is also a petroglyph artist producing modern renditions of petroglyphs and pictographs in the traditional manner using a hammerstone, ground mineral pigments and yucca paint brushes.

Come, discover the ancient Hohokams’ fascinating legacy; see some petroglyphs in one of the unlikeliest areas you can imagine!

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