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Contemporary Native American Art Tours

Museum ToursThe Southwest desert of Arizona and New Mexico is home to a variety of Native American artwork: Zuni jewelry, Navajo weaving, Hopi jewelry. Our tours include:

We're proud to offer access to the Native American artist — a unique and curical part of American culture and American history. We'll take you to art galleries featuring Native American art work, the homes and studios of Native American artists, and offer hands on activities.

The Art of Native American Jewelry Making

Meet a Hopi artist who still makes jewelry using traditional materials to make his wooden earrings, carved bolo ties, beaded jewelry and jewelry boxes. He will demonstrate the traditional method of used in making these lovely pieces and then you can create your own one-of-a-kind treasure!

Native American Petroglyphs Tour

PetroglyphsHidden in the Sonoran Desert in the foothills of metropolitan Phoenix are hundreds of petroglyphs created by the Hohokam who inhabited the Salt River Valley thousands of years ago. The signs and figures that cover rock faces in the canyons of this mountain range attest to the reality of a former, vibrant society.

The Art of Navajo Weaving

Visit a gallery specializing in Navajo and Pueblo weavings from the 19th and 20th centuries. Meet the owner and learn about the history and development of Navajo weaving, the styles, and the classic, transitional and trading post periods. Next, travel to the home of a prominent Native American artist, considered to be one of this country’s foremost Navajo weavers.

Art Native American Tour

Visit a gallery that showcases Native American art by master artists in painting, pottery, sculpture, jewelry, Hopi kachinas, and sand paintings. After a special tour of the gallery by the owner/director, meet a distinguished Native American artist(s) who will demonstrate the techniques of their art and will discuss their designs.

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