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Tai ChiThe Art of Tai Chi for Golfers

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A golf coach, who had worked with Tiger Woods, wrote a book about Tiger’s incredible, almost super-human golf swing. His book theorized that the reason for Tiger’s immense power was that as a young child he had practiced Tai Chi exercises with his dad. This introduced him to “feeling” his swing in a heightened way, and also taught him to swing from the dan tien (his core) at a very young age. You see the results, as Tiger has dominated professional golf for many years of his career. Another reason all golfers should be learning Tai Chi!

Swing Easy, Hit Hard!

In golf, instructors encourage you to “swing with the belly button.” This is another way of saying to swing with the core (the dan tien). Many golfers discover that they can drive the ball much farther after practicing T’ai Chi for only a few months.

Also, T’ai Chi’s relaxed motion allows the limbs to be swung by the core’s motion with no muscle resistance. This in turn allows the entire force of the core’s turning to be projected outward through the hands and club into the ball.

The secret to improving your golf game is learning to relax on command. Easy does it. Tai Chi for golfers teaches some basic techniques you can practice anywhere. Learn to loosen your hips and get your shoulders and arms to follow effortlessly. Learn to rotate gently around the spine and improve range of motion and loosen the back muscles. Find your balance and learn to shift your weight keeping you in control of your swing.

This concept of swinging may also help reduce "golfer's back" problems. By thinking of swinging from below the navel rather than from the navel, there is less twisting of the lower back. Fred Couples adheres to the practice T’ai Chi.

Your Tai Chi for Golfers class will be conducted by an expert Tai Chi instructor with over 12 years of experience training soft martial arts and who is also a 3rd degree Certified Black Belt.

This 45 minute workshop will change your Game!

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