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PetroglyphsThe Ancient Art of Communication:

Petroglyphs Yesterday and Today

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What communicating via email is to us today, petroglyph art was to the ancient ones many years ago.

Hidden in the Sonoran Desert in the foothills of metropolitan Phoenix are hundreds of petroglyphs created by the Hohokam who inhabited the Salt River Valley thousands of years ago. The signs and figures that cover rock faces in the canyons of this mountain range attest to the reality of a former, vibrant society.

Today you will meet a Native American petroglyph artist who will demonstrate the ancient art of petroglyphs and pictographs. Using a hammerstone, ground mineral pigments and yucca paint brushes he produces modern renditions of petroglyphs and pictographs in the traditional manner.

You will then have the opportunity to try your hand at these fascinating art forms of communication using the same types of tools used hundreds of years ago. On a large “community” stone practice the ancient art of petroglyphs. Then, using a yucca paint brush and a piece of flagstone for your canvas, create your very own pictograph.

Pieces of the artist’s work will be available for purchase.

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